Visible Cabinet Door Hinges and Cabinet Refacing

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Published: 14th November 2010
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You may be one of the many people who have realized the benefits of cabinet refacing in San Francisco. The benefits are numerous and obvious and you can give your kitchen an entirely new look. To maximize the end result of cabinet refacing in San Francisco, it's important not to overlook any part of the project. One of the most frequently overlooked parts of cabinet refacing in San Francisco is the cabinet door hinges.

If the original hinges are in good condition, you are not obligated to have them replaced. One of the major reasons for choosing to reface cabinets is because of the cost savings it offers. Before reusing the hinges, though, make sure that the new cabinet doors are compatible with the hinges.

Bad hinges can have a negative effect on your cabinets. Loose hinges are unable to hold doors straight and old, rusty hinges squeak. If there is any hint that the hinges are starting to wear, get them replaced while cabinet refacing in San Francisco. You might as well install new hinges when the items they support are unattached.

One style of replacement hinges that can be used while refacing the cabinets is visible hinges. Visible hinges go against conventional wisdom that says hinges should be hidden. But a manufacturer of visible hinges produce hinges that contrast nicely with the surroundings. If you have had hidden hinges for many years, it will take some getting used to with visible hinges. But over time, they will become expected and commonplace.

The hinges will be in a variety of colors and styles. You don't need to exclusively use the common silver or brass colored hinges. You are free to use styles such as deep black or hammered copper. You can decorate H or HL hinges if your kitchen has a rustic feel.

Before you decide on what type of hinge to use, make sure it matches the style of your kitchen. The aforementioned decorated H or HL hinges would not blend in well with a modern kitchen. You will likely have a new style of cabinets after cabinet refacing in San Francisco, and so you will need to use your best judgment as to what would look good with the new style.

Looks aren't everything when it comes to visible hinges and cabinet refacing in San Francisco. Carefully consider the needs of each replacement door and how much support it will need, and make sure to select hinges that can support them. If it can't, the cabinets will sag and eventually fall over time. If the hinges aren't strong enough, you will constantly need to straighten the door. Predictably, this will get burdensome very quickly.

When you decide on cabinet refacing in San Francisco, you will be eager to look at all the styles and designs of doors and drawer fronts. If you want to use visible hinges, put a similar amount of effort into selecting your style. Don't just consider the door in isolation but think of what it will look like with a specific visible hinge. There isn't a specific way to find the best combination, but you will know it when you see it.

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